Travel and take part in the Sand Race Competition
St. Petersburg city tour
We invite you to visit St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful and romantic Russian cities, which is called the Nothern Venice for a good reason. Together with sightseeing you have the possibility to participate at the Sand Race, an interesting Nordic Walking competition, which takes place near the Gulf of Finland.

What can I experience during the tour?
You can choose between several possibilities, here's just one example of the many possible ways.
1st day, 16th May 2019
Transfer from Pulkovo airport to the hotel in St.Petersburg.
Bus city tour with audio guide (hop on - hop off) ~ 2h. and more.
You can get off the bus at any time in order to enjoy sightseeing, visit the museums, plunge into the city atmosphere – and once you're done get on to any other red colored bus at one of its stops. Your ticket is valid for the whole day!
Route: the most famous sights of the city such as Saint Isaac's, Kazan and St. Peter and Paul Cathedrals, the Hermitage, Russian Museum, Palace square, beautiful granite embankments of the Neva river, the bronze Horseman and more.
2nd day, 17th May 2019
Bus tour to Peterhof residence and the Grand palace.
This is a magic combination of green parks, colorful gardens, majestic palaces and magnificent fountains. Here in the 18th and the 19th centuries a grandiose complex of eleven parks, dozens of buildings, and pavilions with more than 200 fountains and numerous sculptures was formed in the area of over 1000 hectares.You will visit beautiful halls & tsars living rooms of the Grand Palace. Then you will have a relaxing walk along the Park.
3rd day, 18th May 2019
Free time:
Museum day - Hermitage or Russian museum (optional).
Today you can make a boat trip through channels as well, which allows you to see main attractions of Saint-Petersburg including famous drawbridges (optional).
In the evening - Nordic-walking city tour.
4th day, 19th May 2019
Local train trip to Sestroretsk – the resort area near the Gulf of Finland.
Participation in the Sand Race competition.
The signature moment of the Sand Race is that the route lies along the beautiful sandy beach of the Gulf of Finland. You could choose between the 5km and 10km distances.
After awarding the winners we return to St.Petersburg by local train.
5th day, 20th May 2019
Transfer to Pulkovo airport. Departure from St.Petersburg.
740 EU per person (1 pax)
665 EU per person (group 2 pax)
610 EU per person (group 4 pax)
590 EU per person (group 6 pax)
- Accommodation at the 3* Hotel in the center of the city
- Breakfasts
- Tickets to the bus city tour with audio-guide
- Nordic walking tour through the city
- Bus tour + Nordic walking tour to Peterhof residence and Grand Palace
- Entrance fees to the Peterhof residence
- Train tickets to Sestroretsk and retour
- Registration fee to the White nights trail
- Transfer from Pulkovo airport to St.Petersburg at the 1st day and transfer from St.Petersburg to Pulkovo airport at the last day of the journey.
Not included:
- Entrance fees to the Hermitage and Russian museum
- Boat trip through channels
- Lunches and dinners
Open your mind to new experiences
If you want to spend more time in St.Petersburg we could make an extended program for you. There are really a lot of places in St.Petersburg which are worth seeing, f.e. Tzarskoe selo, Pavlovsk, Mariinsky Theatre and so on.
Our contacts
Irina Markovskaya +7 921 8162198 (mob and WhatApp)
Nikolay Shustrov +7 921 916 21 98 (mob and WhatApp) - english & french
You can reach us via e-mail:
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